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MVP Disc Sports says this about the Phase:

The Phase is an overstable high-speed distance driver which caps off the acclaimed 21.5mm Distance class. Fans of the Photon, Motion, and Resistor will love the power resistance and wind-fighting characteristics that make the Phase perfect for throwing strong lines in any wind condition, with absolute confidence in its overstable finish. Forehanders, big arms, and those facing a windy line will appreciate what the Phase adds to their arsenal of reliable options.

This is a big driver, fast and overstable, so it is best suited to advanced throwers. The familiar tacky Neutron feel of the Photon and Wave returns in the Neutron Phase for ultimate throwing precision. The Phase is now the fastest and most overstable disc to make use of our proprietary GYRO Overmold Technology, adding an extra measure of stability for line-locking and fighting adverse flight conditions.


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