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2021 Adam Hammes Tour Series Wasp


The 2021 Adam Hammes Tour Series Wasp – The Wasp is a great beaded compliment to the legendary Buzzz. It is more overstable than the Buzzz and can handle a ton of power. The 2020 Tour Series discs from Discraft are a beautiful, stiff blend of plastic that is more or less swirly Z. It has a really good feel in the hand and these Adam Hammes Z Wasp’s are pretty flat for a Wasp. We personally think they have a great feel in the hand. It is a disc that is perfect for overstable headwind shots and those hyzers that are the perfect midrange distance. It is a disc that will has a good amount of stiffness for those that prefer a less gummy disc.

Adam says this about this run:”The WASP is a beaded, straight to stable midrange. It fights through the wind very well while holding great stability! The wasp is my go to midrange in the woods as well as in the open where the wind picks up. The wasp fits comfortable in your hand with a nice stiff and grippy feel! I think the stiffness of the disc adds to consistency off the tee!”

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