Pollination Payouts

Congrats to all the Pollination winners. BlueSky is honored once again to be doing payouts for the amateur divisions. In your payout you were given a gift card with a three digit number on the back. Due to a slight oversight it looks like the numbers for the cards were not written down, in order to get them entered into your account if you could please e-mail [email protected], or message us on Facebook with the three digit number on that card and we will get your card entered into the system. You can then just use that card number to apply your payout credit toward your purchase.

At this moment we are in between physical locations, but rest assured your gift card credit doesn’t expire so if you would prefer to shop in store our new location will be 1312 Centaur Village Drive in Lafayette, CO. We are on target to get this location opened in July, with our current inventory of disc golf items, some more outdoors items, and items for your doggo so they can enjoy your round of disc golf as much as you are.

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